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Ipitacito del monte music

Palmarito music and handycraft

Santa Rosa music and handycraft

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  2. Proyect Domenico Zipoli

Festival Zipoli Prato 2011

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  2. Concerto S. Francesco Prato 2011

Festival Zipoli Prato 2013

  1. Lettera per Ambasciata 2013 scuola musica prato
  2. Programma 7 dicembre Zipoli

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Concert in Gutierrez

Festival Barrocco Bolivia 2014

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Santa Rosa

The old S. Rosa Mission was born into S. Rosa Guaranì Community and the Mission guest at this age a School of Music and Textiles.

From the beginning of the Chaco Art and Music School (2007), we thought to restore this old Mission to be the location of the both school, the basic one and the superior one. Now the time arrived and with the event of S.Rosa 2016 we will start with the superior school

*To have more information on history, restoration and People look at the folder


Expecting Pears from an Elm Tree: Franciscan Missions on the Chiriguano Frontier in the hearth of South America 1830 – 1949 by Erick D. Langer:

The New Latin American Mission History by Erick Langer,Robert Howard Jackson