Santa Rosa and Teather

Santa Rosa de Cuevo and wich theater

It is an ambitious theater project where professional actors by Pequeño Teatro from La Paz will work with no professional actors by the Community of S.Rosa.

To involve the people of the community in to make theater: this the challenge. There will be a workshop by the famous writer, actor and director Guido Arze with a group of children, that will act a Guido Arze adaptation of the Hamlet by W. Shakespeare.

Another challenge will be to show how could be possible to lose so important value, as nature, in some society, that original people, as guaranies people, maintain living in his own life. Los cuentos de los cuentos” will be a stage of the oral narancy of the Guaranì people, staging the local people with the participation of two well known actrizes as Celia Asturizagua and Veronica Armaza.

April 2018 will occupy the community to find how to set these theater actions, to choose Guaranì music, played by native musicians, everything in a wonderful place, depicted by the old walls and cloisters of the old Franciscan Mission.

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