Santa Rosa de Cuevo 2019

Bolivia Santa Rosa de Cuevo is located in the Department of Chuquisaca, on the border with the Department of Santa Cruz in southeastern Bolivia. This was an old Franciscan mission at the end of the 19th century. The community currently has around 400 people of Guaraní origin and culture. The Teko-Guaraní, cutural and educational organization of the Guarani people (Camiri) and the School of Art and Music of the Bolivian Chaco, founded in 2007, promote and collaborate to the artistic event, Santa Rosa 2019, in the old mission of Santa Rosa , which will be held in May of this year. The event falls in the year of the celebration of the Centenary of the Vicariate of Camiri. The theme of this year’s Festival celebrates the “Centennial” of the Vicariate Foundation. They are 100 years of presence of the Franciscans in the Chaco Region. For a century the Franciscans have placed themselves at the service of the population of the Chaco and with the poorest, who are the Guaraní people.

It is understood to use the word “Centennial” in the Festival to refer to the event that is celebrated in the Vicarito from a more general vision of the history of the Chaco with the native peoples and the people who have had influence in the way of this history, by Both, the guests will be Bolivian artists or international artists who have already accompanied in the process.

The Santa Rosa Festival 2019, under the artistic direction of Mimmo Roselli, will be from May 6, with the artistic residence, to finish in the three days of the Festival May 17, 18 and 19. The artists will arrive in Santa Rosa on Sunday, May 5, to begin work with the students of the School and with the people of the Community on Monday, June 6. All the activities will be documented.

The May Event will consist of: Contemporary Music Concerts, Contemporary Art Shows, Theater, Dance and Cinema, all with a look at the history that is expressed from the contemporary arts.

Local and national, civil and religious authorities will be present at the Event; We are accompanied by National TV and journalists from the most important national and international media. Everyone is invited to participate with joy of this season of culture.

PROGRAM (English)


5:00 pm, opening of the “International Contemporary Art Exhibition” with the interactive participation of the artists: Lorgio Vaca, Fabiola Katherine Zenteno (ceramist), Adolfo Torrico and Marcelo Arroyo (muralists), who will draw sketches for the mural of Kuruyuki, with the participation of young people from the community, an idea of ​​Guido Chumiray. Elaboration of wooden sculptures by ozZO Ukumari (Oscar Sosa). With Helene Lizarraga they will illustrate stories for children, and Maria Neida Oreyai with her group of local textile artisans will work with the ceramic artists. In addition, the works of the past editions are shown in the Museum and the start of the festival archive will be presented.

6:30 pm: after the inauguration of the exhibition of contemporary art, a theatrical piece will be presented, prepared by Verónica Armaza and Diego Massi, playwrights and actors of the Small Theater of La Paz, with the participation of the theater group of Santa Rosa and the collaboration of the Itanambicua group, Apirai Guasu *. The music performed live during the play will be traditional-contemporary, that is, a combination of traditional fragments with contemporary musical arrangements.


5:00 pm: Viviana Fiorito, an expert in contemporary dance (Argentina), and the representative of the Itanambicua group, Apirai Guasu (Bolivia), will present a traditional Guarani dance show with its own elaboration in a contemporary way.

6:30 pm: concert of the Choir and Orchestra of the Music School of Chaco, Palmarito and Santa Rosa, conducted by Adelina Anori Cuñanguira and Heriberto Paredes Guiramusay (Bolivia), and Niccolo Giordano, pianist (Italy). A repertoire of Contemporary Music will be played by Ennio Morricone (music from the movies, The Mission, Gabriel’s Oboe and The Mission Theme, Giù the testa and Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, piece for piano and violin and piece for orchestra). For the first time, worldwide, a piece by Niccolo Giordano for piano and bow, Vagabondi delle Stelle, taken from the unpublished album Pasajes hacia el Sur, 2013.


11:30 am the Palmarito Choir and the Santa Rosa Orchestra will perform the Santa Ana Mass, concelebrated by Bishop Jesus Galeote Tormo, ofm, Fr. Cosme Antonio Polizio, ofm, and Fr. Tarcisio Ciabatti, ofm.

6:30 pm: Inauguration of the Film Forum, with the film Yvy Maraey by Juan Carlos Valdivia and Elio Ortiz.

Every day: There will be readings, made by our actors, of literary texts during the whole period of the Festival, texts chosen by Rocio Dosserich, Paola Innocenti and Beto Paredes.


* Coordinate the group Apirai Guasu de Itanambicua, Beto Paredes and José Luìs Pancho.

Artistic direction, Mimmo Roselli