In 2007 P. Tarcisio, Franciscan monk, Italian, and the artist Mimmo Roselli founded an Art and Music basic school in three Guaranies communities (Ipitacito del Monte, Palmarito and S. Rosa). All these passed years were successful to end into the concert in 2014 that, first in the world, we could hear classical Guaranì music , wrote in Guaranì language (, fruit of the great provision by Domenico Zipoli , excellent musician in Italy and maestro in all Latin-America, especially for Guaranì people (look at the documentary on Domenico Zipoli , directed by Massimo Luconi)

  1. Santa Rosa 2016 will be the launch of the Art and Music High School and we will have, end of April, in his old Mission, Concerts by musician of our school of music, participating to the famous Festival de Musica Renacentista y Barrocca Americana, directed by P.Piotr Nawrot plus concerts by international bands.