The exhibition that I am going to curate in Santa Rosa de Cuevo give me an answer to one of the most important characteristics of my project for an Art and Music High School, that I am planning from several years.

The philosophy of this school is to have national and international artist and musicians for 1/3 months, working with the school pupils. So were born the idea to prepare this exhibition, invited artist to be in residency for 3 weeks: each artist will have two assistants, working with them and preparing art works for the exhibition, involving as possible the community. Till now the Art School worked as artisanal school (look at the folder).

All the artists invited have experience working with the people. The topic, the philosophy of the exhibition is that the artists will work with materials that they will find around.

Sook Jin Jo is a Korean artist, who several times collected peaces of wood around and constructed big sculptures.

Yoko Inoue is a Japanese artist that involve women of the place to work with her for example in textiles.

Sylvia Capriles is Brazilian and also she works with material that found in the place: in Oyuni made a sculpture with salt.

Asher Mains is a painter from Grenada that use natural colors that find into the nature of the place.

Adolfo Torrico is a young bolivian artist, who worked “murales” with Lorgio Vaca, a very important artist in S. Cruz;

Ivan Molina, director of Imolivis and Escuela de Cine Bolivia, will present a video about the “Nacion Guaranì” and a video produced with the pupils of “Escuela Tekove-Katu”.

Me, Mimmo Roselli, I will coordinate all the process and I will produce a work if I will find a time. I had in the experiences with young people here in Bolivia, painting murals.

The art works product by the artists will mixed with the high quality artesanal works by Guaranì people (textiles and vases).

Mimmo Roselli

Look at the folder:

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  2. www.mimmoroselli.net
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