Work in progress…

Will visit us the bolivian artist Miguel Marcelo Arroyo Gallardo, Muralist:

Born in Camiri, student of Art at Universidad Autonoma Gabriel Rene Moreno, member of ARTErias Urbanas, public intervention from 2005 on walls of the cities of Camiri, Villamontes, Huacareta, Monteagudo, Cochabamba, La Paz y Santa Cruz ; with my painting I’m looking for the trait of each person to meet himself, so that in my paintings appear cultural elements of alimentacion, art, animals etc. that are symbols of survival and freedom of originary people.

A note on “Santa Rosa 2016”

Andrea Bocconi at the event “Santa Rosa 2016”

We have the news that, during the event, will be with us the italian writer Andrea Bocconi. He will perform a writing course with pupils of the School of Santa Rosa.

“Every person, every community, every town has stories to tell, his memories, his fairy tales, myths.

In this short course, working with teachers, we will find these stories, we will share it with writing, for us and for others.

Having help to find the threads of our lives is important, because many interwoven threads make a network.

Stories are our past, our present and also become the future of those who wrote and who read.

The course is aimed at those who want to be helped to express themselves in writing, using the tools of the writer to give a shape to our imagination. Five two-hour lessons are the minimum with a group of 5 to 15 students.

Andrea Bocconi is a writer , has published several travel books, stories , novels . In Spanish a collection of short stories , with Alfonso Colodrón , ” Relatos de un minuto”. He held writing courses for thirty years, in schools, communities and other environments of different cultures.